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technical/dishes aerials/bahrain satellite earth station
technical/dishes aerials/bahrain satellite earth station
people/vips/installation knights honourable order bath
people/royals/hrh duke edinburgh cs mercury
people/students teachers/mr ce nicholls porthcurno engineering school
technical/dishes aerials/pho 7450 edited
technical/dishes aerials/pho 6769
technical/dishes aerials/pho 5491
technical/dishes aerials/pho 5036
technical/dishes aerials/pho 5499 edited
places/stations offices/pho 7320 edited
places/stations offices/pho 7089
places/stations offices/pho 7015
places/stations offices/pho 7088
places/stations offices/pho 3718
places/stations offices/pho 5178 edited
places/stations offices/pho 744
people/staff families/pho 3843
people/staff families/pho 2924
people/staff families/pho 2916
places/stations offices/stanley earth station hong kong
places/stations offices/hong kong earth station
places/abroad home/destination world porthcurno cornwall
places/abroad home/beach porthcurno cornwall
places/abroad home/eastern house porthcurno cornwall
places/abroad home/underground telegraph station porthcurno
places/abroad home/underground telegraph station porthcurno
people/staff families/chief engineer j h mackinlay cs recorder
people/staff families/cs stanley angwin laying cable brazil
people/staff families/mr cc muckleston cs edward wilshaw
people/staff families/captain jm rutherford cs lady denison pender
people/staff families/chief electrician ie maher cs recorder
ships/buoy rope cs electra
ships/cs cable enterprise
ships/cs edward wilshaw
ships/laying cable cs stanley angwin
ships/loading cable cs mercury
ships/rescue trawler palacio valdes
ships/cs recorder bow sheaves
ships/damage cs recorder
ships/cs lady denison pender
ships/cs hibernia 1800s
people/staff families/motorcycle messengers hong kong
people/staff families/quartermaster slb maynard
people/staff families/kyoyamato kyoto japan
places/abroad/catching fish ascension island
places/stations offices/telephonists international switchboard
places/stations offices/telephone room london telegraph station
places/stations offices/chess match played radio
places/stations offices/telephonists phonograph room
places/stations offices/control room london station
ships/deck cs recorder
ships/bridge cs mirror
ships/dining saloon cs mirror
ships/cable repair ship job 1302
technical/dishes aerials/tropospheric scatter link mont bleu
technical/dishes aerials/hong kong earth station dish
technical/dishes aerials/bahrain tropospheric scatter aerials
technical/dishes aerials/bahrain satellite earth station
places/stations offices/conveyor belt london station
places/stations offices/cable wireless office fao iraq
places/stations offices/boarded hall transmitting station barbados
places/stations offices/cable office antofagasta chile
places/abroad/street scene manama bahrain
places/abroad/metropolitan cathedral buenos aires
places/abroad/9th july avenue buenos aires
places/abroad/dock santos brazil
places/abroad/growing bananas manila
places/abroad/comfortless cove ascension island
places/abroad/st marys church ascension island
places/abroad/aerial view sydney australia
people/staff families/cameraman taking rolling shot ascension island
people/staff families/final splice cs mercury
people/staff families/mr maurice bonnici malta
people/staff families/lf labeille eastern telegraph company france
people/staff families/fm banos eastern telegraph company vigo
people/staff families/h c hawkins cable wireless west indies
people/staff families/members uruguay economic mission united kingdom
people/staff families/cable wireless engineering staff cyprus
ships/cs norseman funchal
ships/cs edward wilshaw thames
ships/v sheave laying gear hmts monarch
people/staff families/officers crew cs edward wilshaw
people/staff families/crew deck cs recorder
people/staff families/captain ghc reynolds cs mercury
people/staff families/captain jg west cs norseman
people/staff families/fijian crewmen cs retriever
ships/seaman tg lowe cutting away holding bridle
ships/sir godfrey ince cs recorder
places/abroad/hong kong earth station
places/abroad/pioneer atlantic flights fayal
places/abroad/wireless station ikoyi near lagos
places/abroad/submarine telephone cable st vincent
places/abroad/cable laying jesselton
places/abroad/cable laying hong kong
places/abroad/turtle ascension island
people/staff families/fijian crewmen cs retriever
ships/buoy rope cs electra
ships/foredeck cs norseman
ships/deck htms monarch
people/vips/installation knights honourable order bath
people/staff families/delegation international telecommunications
places/abroad/apollo aerial earth station ascension island
places/abroad/rocket carrying intelsat iv satellite
war/korea/lg stroud crossing bridge korea